Shatterbridge Wiki

The Zumai Fellowship is a loose confederation of warlike tribes and cities, inhabiting the dangerous jungles to the southeast. Little is known about them outside their borders, as they are fiercely territorial, and their warriors legendarily strong. The spirits of the jungle are equally fierce, and adventurers must be just as careful of the spirits that inhabit the forest as well as the tribesmen.

The Zumai are excellent hunters, as their entire culture revolves around it. From bloodsports focused on the animal spirit, to worship ceremonies where the weakest are sacrificed, the predator prey relationship is the center of their culture. Those that are not predator, are prey. But even the mightiest Predator of the forest can fall prey, and the Zumai are constantly on their guard from the stronger and more deadly spirits of the jungle. They respect the hunter inside of everything, and the highest honor one can achieve is to have one’s soul consumed for the power of a greater hunter.

The spirit world in the jungles of Zumai are dangerous as well, where spirits still devour each other to gain power. The weakest of these spirits are devoured by the warrior class of the Zumai, giving them their berzerker strength and legendary status. The strongest of the jungle spirits, taking the form of great animals, are appeased by sacrifices, especially of humans who have bonded with or devoured spirits. Unlike Archons, these ancient spirits rarely interact directly with the populace, though they are feared and respected by the Zumai tribes.

Little to nothing is known about the tribes of the Zumai, or what their leadership is like. Almost no one has escaped the jungle one they have been taken in, and those that have are mad and jabbering nonsense for the rest of their lives. No one know their social structure, but there is certain an army in the jungle, armed with enough weapons to make the Malvernians pause when trying to press into their territory.

There are myths of warriors whose bodies are a mix of brutal scars and exposed muscle, demon eyes and oversized muscles, who’s very cry and make a man bleed from his ears, wielding giangtic weapons who’s shapes seem to be made of faces, crying out in anguish and anger. This has been dismissed as lunatic ravings of dying men.