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The Zumai Fellowship is a loose confederation of warlike tribes and cities, inhabiting the dangerous jungles to the southeast. Little is known about them outside their borders, as they are fiercely territorial, and their warriors legendarily strong. The spirits of the jungle are equally fierce, and adventurers must be just as careful of the wild spirits as of the wild animals and wild warriors.

The Zumai are excellent hunters as well, having dealt with the dangers of the jungle for many generations. They make excellent guides, scouts, survivalist and explorers, making the very few that ever find their ways from the jungle into potent adventurers. The Zumai are an extremely rare sight outside the jungles, however, since the Zumai culture tends to be extremely insular. Most people are unlikely to even know of the existance of the Zumai.

The spirit world in the jungles of Zumai are dangerous as well, where spirits still devour each other to gain power. The weakest of these spirits are devoured by the warrior class of the Zumai, giving them their berzerker strength and legendary status. The strongest of the jungle spirits, taking the form of great animals, are appeased by sacrifices, especially of humans who have bonded with or devoured spirits. Unlike Archons, these ancient spirits rarely interact directly with the populace, though they are feared and respected by the Zumai tribes.

The Zumai are an ancient culture, dating back many hundreds of years, though they were not always as unified as they are now. The growing incursions into the jungle by the Malverian Imperium have united the disparate tribes in a way not seen in many, many years. The Malverians have little idea what awaits them in the heart of the jungles.

-By Tony