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Zaurac was a Cataran prophet, living some 200 years before the start of the game. He was the first and most important prophet of Catar, who preached that humans and spirits were two halves of a whole, greater being. He laid the foundations for the Cataran faith, and was eventually cast out from the Sali society, which lead to the formation of the Cataran nation. 

According to the holy scrolls of Catar, after Zaurac was cast out, many of his followers were unsure about following him. He then transformed into an angelic being , and claimed to know of a holy place, filled with spirits. This galvanized his people, and even converted a few Sali at the gates of Kashar. According to the holy scrolls, every man, woman and child who saw him was converted on the spot, though this is debated, even amoungst the scholars in Catar. In this form, he lead them across the desert, and to Bala. According to the scrolls, the exodus took some five years. Along the way, they found many small settlements of the desert nomads, and many of them joined in the exodus. They set up small towns where they found water, and where they found an abundance of spirits.

Once they reached the future site of Bala, the Prophet had another great vision. One of the spirit-above-all. The great spirit who slumbered in the mountain Raheem. He prophesized that one would join with this spirit and usher in a new age of enlightenment for all. So, leaving behind many of his brothers, he struck out across the desert once more, following the mountains to the south. Along the way, they continued founding small towns, and converting desert tribes along the way. By the time he returned to Raheem, 8 more years had passed. 13 years had passed since he was cast out of Kashar. 

He was patient, and persistant, and pleaded with the princes to allow him access to the sacred mountain, to pray to the one spirit above all. They allowed him in, but only to make the pilgrimidge. After he returned from the mountain, he instructed his followers to return to Bala, and then wandered into the desert, seeking something. The scrolls say that he ascended, wholly, into the world of spirits. 

When his followers returned, they relayed what had happened, and a great festival was held in the streets of Bala to celebrate the life of the prophet. This festival, Peregrination Day, is one of the most important holidays in the Cataran faith. During this celebration, plans were for a great monument were ordered to be drawn up by the best artists and architects in Bala. Instead, they began work on Catar, the Roaming city. It took nearly 50 years to complete, and now follows the path that the prophet Zaurac walked. From Kashar to Bala, and back, once every 13 years.