Shatterbridge Wiki

Hello everybody. This is Timeon/Timolas here, your Game Master, helping set up a system of organization to the benefit of all. This is a worldbuilding overview, for world creation.

What is Canon, What's Just an Idea?[]

The new setting chat generally gathers a minimum of 100 offline messages a day, though in earlier times that figure was around 600. Inevitably, amidst the mish-mash of awesome ideas, details will be lost, forgotten, rewired, remade and only rarely... reminded.

As Game Master I have made sure to catch up on everything, happily reading those messages, but I have also told everybody to write all their ideas down. The reason is that it will be too easy to forget details otherwise.

To that end, the only confirmation that something is canon should be if it is written down on the wiki.

  • Question: I want to write my idea on the wiki, but I'm afraid the Game Master will disapprove of it? What should I do?
  • Answer: Talk to me! I will approve the idea most of the time - the only reason I'm asking you to tell me first is to avoid people having different ideas of what is canon, and so that I know what to use in the game. I cannot use your ideas if they are only in your head. During the game, I will refer to the wiki first.

My suggestion is to keep a Google Docs file to write down all your ideas. Tony has done that and it has proven very useful.

Here is an idea timeline for general chat, everytime something is proposed:

Feel free to contribute to the idea timeline even if your idea isn't from general chat - but just date your idea in sequence so there is some semblance of order.