The Vuosaar is one of two peoples inhabiting Havsgard. Most of them live on the great lake Vuosaari or its many rivers in the province. In the past they were locked in a bitter war with the Ulvar but the two people united under the rule of The North Wind.

The Vuosaar put a great emphasis on family and they live in great collectives of children, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, cousins, second cousins and third cousins who all contribute to the honor of the family. The head of a Vuosaar family owns a family knife adorned in all kinds of runes and holding great power. The knife and its powers vary from family to family, but they tend to express themselves in a manner mirroring the knife. If a family has a knife that is forged with golden ingots and freezes whatever it touches, they're probably going to dress richly and wear ice blue clothing.

The art to create family knives has been lost to the ages, so if a family loses its knife for whatever reason, it is considered extinct. And so the young members are quick to marry into other families while the older members commit suicide out of shame. In truth, the knives were made through binding and their origin has been intentionally obscured by the Archons.

Ships are important for both Havsgardian cultures and Vuosaar ships have been specialised for traversing the lakes and rivers on the peninsula. Due to their high speed and light weight, which allows them to be transported from one river to another by rolling them on logs, the Vuosaar ships are the fastest way to traverse the peninsula. This makes them not only a valuable transport service but also excellent traders. When not trading, the ships are used to raid villages by the rivers.

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