The Ulvar is one of the two peoples inhabiting Havsgard. Most of them live on the northern shores and islands of the province. In the past they were locked in a bitter war with the Vuosaar but the two people united under the rule of The North Wind.

The Ulvar have a close connection to nature, they often go hunting and search for the biggest game they can find and, through magical rituals, create hamns out of the beasts they slay.

The Ulvar also express their connection to nature by challenging themselves to make familiars of quite large animals, such as bears, wolves and eagles. This process is very risky as it requires a lot of blood and Ulvar who wish to pact often bring up to three vessels to their pacting ritual to heal them after they create their familiar. 

Ships are important in both Havsgardian cultures and Ulvar ships are greatly specalised for seafaring and whale hunting. When not hunting, the ships are mostly used to attack towns on the shores of nearby provinces.

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