The Tradition of the Steppes was the faith and custom of the nomads of Samar. It developed once spirits had come into the world, and thus preached that spirits were beings of nature, to be revered, respected and worked alongside when intelligent, but often hunted as honourable game when wild. The Tradition was passed along in both written and oral form, depending on the tribes in question. It offered up a comprehensive form of instruction to the Samari on how to live in peace, how to behave in war, how to interact with spirits the proper way, and thus how to pact them.

When Preica was discovered and the great city of Tikong founded, the Tradition of the Steppes evolved in accordance in those places. Preica became an idol to worship alongside all of the old beliefs. With Preica's death, elements of prophecy for a new dawn crept into steppe tradition, promising vengeance and a return to a golden era lost.

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