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Titans are a manifestation of spirit vastly different from the system of the Archons. While Archons are rooted in complex hierarches of spirit and man, Titans are unbound, keeping far from civilization - or if they are in interaction with humans, then they do so on their own unique tems.

How such spirits have entered the world is as of yet unclear. Many Faloran scholars have argued that Titans are a clear warning to those who would practice magic outside of the clearly defined Faloran Doctrine. Theories postulate that Titans are spirits summoned by primitive peoples, turned wild and dangerous, disrupting the holy order of things and breaking the sacred laws that it is believed must always bind spirits and men.

Others would say that Titans are spirits who originated in spirit wells, or places where the connection to the spirit realm is somehow unusually strong. As Archons are the concepts of the mortal mind harnessed into a distinctive pattern, so too are the Titans perhaps the manifestations of concepts which mankind cannot control - such as the elements and all of the harshest forces of nature. The Titans, it would then be argued, gain their power from their very separation from civilization - the very idea, however, an abomination in the eyes of Falorans who think their teachings the only true explanation of magic and its rules.

Some theorise that Titans are merely Archons whose civilizations have abandoned them - or whose civilizations have been destroyed.

Finally, there are those who say that Titans are bound more directly to the living - just not to man - that they are the concepts of the minds of animals, rather than mankind. The implications would then be that animals have their own connection to the spirit realm in some form, acting as more than just vessels. Studies into such matters are against Common Law, however, as they defy the Faloran Doctrine.

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