Founded by the scholars of Kutanda to uphold and expand the Library of Kutanda initially they were a 15 strong security detail for the Library. Soon they were being sent out to covertly acquire books and scrolls. In the tenth year of the order they disappeared. It would be another ten before they would re-emerge.

During these ten years, named the silence in the library, there were stories and rumours of disappearances of high scholars in other realms and a murder in the University of Varantium. Rumours surfaced of an order of spies and scholars that had gotten too close to a powerful ancient knowledge and had gone mad.

Ten years after the disappearance and with no word from the 15 or the high scholars or Kutanda they set about their work, guarding the Library and retrieving scrolls. As the 15 grew old they were each allowed two handpicked pupils, to hand down their skills and pass on their jobs. One was to be a scholar, and the other a fighter. Each pupil was sworn in when it was his time and so the 15 became 45 and a hierarchy was created. The 15 would lead, the scholars would learn and look for new sources of knowledge and the fighters would guard and retrieve, and so the hierarchy has existed to this day.

Though numbers have swelled enormously still 15 sit at the top and the scholars find work for the fighters. The only fighter to become one if the 15 was a brother by the name of Brother Kanos who assassinated a dominion general during the rebellion inside of a fort in broad daylight and was never identified.

Though the Order has been called a band of thieves and assassins they pride themselves on a strict moral code and everything is for the library.

After the destruction of the library the Order fell apart, most of its members having died in the blaze, those who escaped the fire were coerced into burning all books in Kutanda. No one knows what happened to the fighters on missions at the time of the fire.

As an act of spite The Burned Man coerced The Librarians into conversion and set them on a mission to burn every book in Kutanda in his glory so that The Burned Man could become more knowledgeable than all the minds in Kutanda. The Librarians are ruthless in their search for knowledge and have burned the professors of the universities in the glory of The Burned Man to eliminate the passing of knowledge through the generations.

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