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So that no more tears must be shed.

The Arbiter resides in the Holy City, in the heart of the Dominion. He is an Archon who invented and now embodies the Common Law that keeps the Dominion together. His servants form the federal police-force, and without them, the Dominion would surely dissolve into a series of warring states.

He rose to prominence during one of the Dominion's civil wars, putting an end to it and instituting a balance of power to keep the peace via the Common Law. As the creator of that Law, he became its enforcer, taking up residence in the Holy City. It is said that he appears as a man dressed in armour and robes of silver, wearing a mask engraved with fifteen tears, each one supposedly signifying the death or departure of an Archon or great spirit.

One of the Arbiter's greatest enemies was the Mockinglord, who he managed to imprison in the Sanctum.

Many legends surround the Arbiter, but for the uninitiated, an encounter with the Arbiter can only mean being put on trial for a great crime, often resulting in death.



The Arbiter was killed by Dynkar and his Godslayers, with support from Samari rebels. Danton Redwind was the only Warden to survive the ensuing shockwave through all those connected to the Arbiter, as Danton was not carrying the Arbiter's Spark at the time - nor were the uninitiated trainees in the Arbiter's Sanctum. Danton attempted to recreate the Wardens, starting with the trainees. Danton wore the Arbiter's armour as a symbol.

In the wake of the Arbiter's death, the Holy City fell into utter chaos, particularly because the Mockinglord was freed. Danton did his part in bringing some measure of peace to it, but ultimately, large segments of the city fled to neighbouring provinces. Danton then travelled to Varantium to protect Radiance during the Eclipse, hoping to gain his patronagae for his new order of Wardens.