The Silhouette of Stars is the Archon for Bhakhtar, and currently the Leader of the war on Samar. The Silhouette of Stars take the vague, blurry form of a human male, but has no discernible edges to his figure. He towers above most people at 7 feet tall. His form is simply black, with differing views of stars systems and galaxies, though no one knows if the pictures that go through his form are real or imagined.

The Silhouette is known for his brutality and anger, his fury knowing no bounds when he is presented with bad news. Messengers will flee duty if given the task, others will dutifully stand and take their death if extremely loyal to the Dominion, while officers will fudge numbers and statistics to make defeats seem lesser and victories seem greater, as he will kill them outright or have them slowly devoured over the bushes surrounding the Palace of the Void.

His primary ability has yet to be seen in this realm, as he relies on the Avatars to do his bidding. 200 monstrous behemoths of men, twice the size and strength of a normal man, armed in twisted ebony armor that seems to absorb light, wielding Halberds that can slice through horses, and carrying the Flag of the Silhouette, a Blood red flag with a black ring on it.

It is rumored that The Silhouette’s power is directly linked to his Avatars, as when one of them dies, he disappears for weeks at a time until a new one is spotted on the field of battle.

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