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Faloran Doctrine[]

The primary interpretation of the world's cosmology is either directly Faloran Doctrine, or is at least inspired by it.

According to Faloran Doctrine, the world was dry and empty of magic, an uncivilized and barbaric place, until the First Spirit plunged his fist into the world, creating a breach between the Realm of Man and the Realm of Spirit. He gifted magic and spirit lore to the Faloran tribes, who united under the First Spirit himself and heard his teachings and embraced his divinity. The First Spirit beseeched the Falorans to propogate and spread the knowledge of magic across the world, with the intention of establishing rigid spirit families and hierarchies, guided by Man, and in turn, guiding Man.

Radiance was one of the first of the Archons - a patron of a vast network of spirits and humans. He became the paragon of the Falorans who migrated north from the ancient homeland of the Falorans.