Overseeing the siege of Falor

Pietro Gori was the High Inquisitor of the Republic during the Eclipse. He was originally the son of a farmer, but when the Inquisition came, they forced him to burn his family alive and then took him in as an apprentice. He rose through the ranks because of his ruthless efficiency, eventually shaping the Inquisition into his own image.

He surrounded himself with those equally fanatical and driven to the cause, eliminating those who might cause him trouble. Tomas de Campo rose to become his second.

Gori, Avus Gula and Jack Timbale plotted a coup when it became apparent that the Consul, Hermon Dermeticus, was planning to negotiate peace with Varantium. The Consul was assassinated, giving rise to the Triumvirate. Pietro, Gula and Timbale became the triumvirati - dictators of the Republic in all but name - rendering the Senate powerless. Gori inspired the crusade against Radiance during the Eclipse, and came near to succeeding - but for Manlia Suren Issander plunging with Gori to their deaths beneath the Throne in the Cariapolis.

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