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Painbinder's Children

Painbinder, known to some as the Maiden, is the Archon of Chakazia. Her origins are shrouded in legend, though it is commonly accepted in Dominion histories that she was a spirit who brought peace to Chakazia in its wars with the First Faloran Empire, and allowed its integration into it. Others who whisper that Painbinder was a spirit who had been fiercely loyal to the Commonwealth of Chakazia during its independent wars against the Falorans - but that she was captured by the Falorans and tortured to becoming an instrument of their holy Doctrine. 

Regardless, the Painbinder of modern Chakazia is a benevolent ruler, who eats the pain of the sick and the dying. While she does not cure ills, she removes their painful symptoms..

Not all would agree with this assessment of her character, however - dissidents whisper that Painbinder needs to feed off of suffering to survive, despite easing suffering by doing so. Therefore, her reign requires that there be suffering in Chakazia for her to survive - and thus, there shall always be an arbitrary block to true progress in place so long as she reigns.