Otticia is the realm of the Archon known as the Stonemason. Once a series of independent petty kingdoms, Otticia was united into a cohesive realm under a High King when the Faloran invasion of the peninsula began in earnest.

It was one of the last provinces to fall to the Falorans, have kept itself protected behind a massive mountain range.

Points of InterestEdit

There are two main centers of learning in Otticia. The one on the island of Borsholm is a centre for magical learning with a reputation that stretches across the world. It is highly specialized, serving as a way for aspiring artists to to learn ways of integrating spirits into artistic displays. The Center for Spritual Artistics, as its known, believes that spirits can provide avenues of artistic exploration never before seen. The Center has the largest collection of spritually created artworks in the Dominion, and several spirits serve as teachers in the Center.

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The other center of learning is the Ottician Tactical Academy, a military academy and center of learning that both trains Otticia's troops and makes sure the various Ottician military officers are properly educated in battle tactics and strategy, depending on where they wish to serve. This includes how to deal with supply lines, food shortages, troop placements, effective tactical positions for various battlefields, and how to best utilize the army's assets, both spiritual and mundane, to the best advantage, against all the Dominion's know and potential foes.

Also of note are the Crafted Mountains surrounding the capital of Von Dunja. It is said for across history, the Stonemason has practiced his works across the mountain ranges of Otticia. The Crafted Mountains bear his mark in the shape of giant statues, sculptures and ornaments, some magical, some not.

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