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Falor (or "the Old Capital") is a city - and the former capital - of the Holy Dominion of Archanicus, and current capital of the Varantium province. It is the most populous city in that region and among the largest within the Dominion. The city is located in the central-eastern portion of the province, on the Tircon river within the Camperia region of Varantium. Falor is often referred to as the "Father City". 

Falor's history spans more than three thousand years. It is one of the oldest cities on the Halim subcontinent and was for several centuries the largest city in the world. It has successively been the capital of the First Faloran Empire, the Holy Dominion and the Varantium archonian province, and is regarded as the birthplace of Faloran civilization. For almost two millennia it was the seat of the Faloran Emperors, until it in 1457 was taken by Radiant Lord as his capital. When the Faloran Empire was finally abolished in 1721, Falor was briefly the capital of the Holy Dominion, until the capital was moved to the Holy City following the Malvernian Revolution. After several centuries of corruption under Radiant Lord, the Faloran Rebellion in 2427 further diminished the status of the Old Capital. 

Given its prominent past and being the seat of the powerful and extravagant Radiant Lord, the Old Capital remains a focal point for the Holy Dominion. Wealth and aristocracy flock to Radiant Lord's many palaces, and the city's hinterlands are filled with the mansions of Dominion notables. Little is seen or felt of the Faloran War by the well-to-do in the Old Capital, but the poorer classes suffer the region's decline all the more for it.

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The origin of the word "falor" is unknown, as is the question of whether the people or the city took the name first. The Faloran Empire and, more broadly, Faloran civilization all derive their name from the city and/or the people. 



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