The Old Kingdom of Nalbin can trace its history back to the time before the spirits. Though it is nominally part of the Holy Dominion of Archanicus, it is the most independent of its parts. The people of Nalbin have a tradition that makes them suspicious of spirits, because Nalbin was a kingdom from before the time of magic.

The Old Kingdom of Nalbin founded itself upon three distinct ideals: Honor, Justice and Loyalty. Every person in the country learned these ideals from birth and lived them throughout the lives. It's also these three ideals that have helped to shape the history of the country and its traditions now that spirits have become one with this world.

Nalbin is unlike any of the other countries that make up the Dominion. It was not taken by force or conquered like most of the others were. The Dominion tried several times to attack Nalbin, each resulting in the Dominion retreating back to its borders to try another attack. It wasn't until its last attempt that Nalbin realized that it was in trouble. The Dominion came back with an even larger army than they ever thought possible and knew that they might finally be defeated.. until the The Paragon stepped in.

She realized that a culture such as theirs was one that wasn't going to be taken very easily so she sat down with their king, King Sebastian, and proposed a challenge for him. She and him would engage in a duel- if Nalbin won, they would be left alone and the Dominion would retreat. However, if she won, then Nalbin would have to join the Dominion. At first the king was quite reluctant to agree to such a duel, considering the fact that she was an Archon but she offered him something to help even the score: she presented King Sebatian with a large broadsword, made of a metal he had never seen before that was covered in strange marking. With this sword, she told him, he would be on an even playing field and make the duel itself be quite fair. He agreed and she gave him a week to prepare for the duel.

When the day of the duel came, King Sebastian fought bravely but the duel ended in a tie! King Sebastian and The Paragon discussed what would happen as a result of their tie and came to a compromise. Nalbin joined the Dominion and The Paragon, instead of being an overlord over the people, she would work alongside with the country and help it to develop, taking more of a hands off approach with them until they began to trust and become more trusting of spirits, particularly her.

This duel has been such a large part of Nalbin's history that whenever the king wants to step down, they hold a large festival in his honor and it concludes in all elligible candidates for the throne participating in a duel, with the victor taking the throne. Currently, the nation is ruled by King Lamais and continues to prosper as a coastal and agricultural town. As for The Paragon, no one has seen her in quite some time but they believe that she is still out there looking out for them and allowing them to live how they always have, just with her guidance and help whenever they should need it.

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