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As High Palatine

Manlia Suren Issander was a member of illustrious House Suren, and was a Candidate in the Curia during the term of Galav Nusidio Victrufa as High Palatine. When Galav committed suicide by jumping off of the dais of the Throne, Manlia had already been positioned as his successor. Though Galav's death was blamed on Manlia's meddling, it was unrelated - but this did not deflect House Nusidio's ire.

As High Palatine, Manlia attempted to modernize Varantium and end its historic decadence, beginning with a ban on the drinking of wine in Falor. He also intended to attack the ban on science and autopsy instituted by Dawn Lantern during the civil war a century prior. Knowing that the Faloran Republic planned a full-scale invasion to coincide with the Eclipse, Manlia hired a battery of Plutar cannons from Lucrezia Dreyal and had them disguised and sent towards Falor.

Manlia and Kansar Sistorian bought time at Marialla, halting the Republican advance for a day and allowing House Jahimis to arrive at Falor on time. Manlia was captured by Godslayers during the siege, and confronted with his old beliefs that the Dominion need to be reworked - and he was then offered a position in the Godslayers. When he refused, Svasek stabbed him, prompting chaos to break out in the temple where he was held, as his bodyguard rushed to his defence. Wounded, he was taken to Falor, where he attempted to reveal that Black Sun was in league with the Godslayers.

In the Cariapolis, he succeeded in awakening Radiance, but was struck down by Maurielle Jahimis, who was immediately thereafter revealed as a chimera. Summit rescued Manlia, but only postponed his death, as Manlia wrestled Pietro Gori off of the Throne in the Cariapolis during the Eclipse, leading to both their deaths.

Manlia lived with the hope of restoring Radiance and the glory days of the Faloran peoples, but was cut short in his ambitions when he traded his life for Radiance's own.

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