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These are the cities under Dominion control, sorted by nation, in the year 2485.

Provinces of the Holy CityEdit


Province of CamperiaEdit

Provine of RetilisEdit

Provinec of AbissiaEdit

  • Abissus, built in the mountains, overlooks Senusa

Province of SeniumEdit

  • Senusa, under Republic control
  • Aras, under Republic control

Province of TransolumEdit

  • Celia, the westernmost coastal city of Varantium

Province of VacheaEdit

  • Trimaia, the city at the crossroads, borders Kutanda

Province of SamanaEdit

Province of MayciaEdit

Province of Veorensis BoreaEdit

  • Myrnium, built in a forest, serves as a diplomatic midpoint

Province of PerchiumEdit


  • Tystead, capital of Nalbin, seat of King Laimas
  • Beyford, the northernmost Nalbinian port city on Halim
  • Hewick, an eastern port city which is the heart of naval trade between north and south
  • Theymoor, built on an island in a great lake west of Hewick
  • Wynbrook, a port city
  • Bywood, a city by the forest and under the mountains
  • Arkheath
  • Jano's Pass
  • Varnuro


  • Kutanda City, capital of Kutanda, home of the Burning Man
  • Uthad
  • Nakilu's Gate, the city beside a lake, marking the border with Varantium in the south





  • Marqash, the capital
  • Nisa, one of the first Samari cities to be conquered
  • Cutho, Dominion regional headquarters
  • Eshnur, Dominion port city in Samar
  • Shaho


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