Shatterbridge Wiki

There are several main languages in the setting of Shatterbridge.

  • Faloran: When the spirits took over the Faloran Imperium, they enforced usage of Faloran even more than the emperors themselves used to, to create uniformity. Every province of the Holy Dominion of Archanicus new and old has speakers of Faloran either as a first or second language. The Faloran Republic also uses this language, as well as the Malvernian Imperium, which considers itself the third Faloran Imperium. The Plutars also speak it.
  • Tradespeak: A language invented by the Plutarian elite and usually only taught by the Plutarian elite, this language was specifically invented so that businessmen could speak about their business without tipping off any foreigners or servants who might be listening in. Usually used when speaking about deals or when conversing about secret matters.
  • Nalbinian: The people of Nalbin retained their language because of their independent nature, although they are technically a part of the Dominion. Nonetheless, residents of Nalbin generally also speak Faloran.
  • Silan/Cataran: The language of the mountain peoples and of the desert. Spoken across the southern lands, even in Malvernian cities near the desert.
  • Samari: The language of a dying people, the language of the steppes. While many Samari speak basic Faloran, they are fanatical about their culture and language. Some Dominion peoples also speak Samari, either because they are spies, or because they are former Samari who became Dominion citizens.
  • Zumai: The language of the jungle. A mysterious language spoken by very few outside of the Zumai territory.
  • Tenkou: The speech of the Tenkou Courts. Very few would know it outside of the mysterious Tenkou homelands.

Aside from these, characters may be fluent in dialects of Faloran specific to the Dominion regions. A peasant of Kutanda would sound different from a peasant from Varantium. Finally, vestiges of the old regional languages may remain as well, so a character may know parts of the ancient language of Kutanda.