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While the other Plutars have their fair share of commerce, it’s in Laksh that commerce and money really shine. The city is home to the headquarters of the Bank of Valin, one of the premier banks in the world, doing its business with as many different cultures as it can possibly manage, and handling enough coinage to keep dozens happy for a lifetime. Not only that, but any business related to coin or commerce can be found here; smelters who exchange one type of coinage for another, merchants who will happily sell stocks in every trade venture they can come up with, real or fictitious, and counterfeiters who will mint any and all coinages for you, for a profit of course.

Unique among the cities, there really is no central leader in Laksh, instead there’s a set of commonly-agreed upon rules determined by the public. Anyone can introduce a potential new law into the system and let the citizens of the city vote on whether the law should be passed. Of course, before the law is passed, members who are in favor or disfavor of the law are allowed to speak their minds regarding it. Now, normally this might work to the benefit of all, but the various businesses and banks are given votes as well, more votes depending on their total wealth.

This has resulted in the various banks coming together and creating a sort of cabal, wherein they collectively agree to vote against laws that are put into place that limit their power and that limit what businesses can operate within the city. This has resulted in literally no businesses being forbidden in Laksh. Nothing is forbidden in this city; it’s just as likely for people to sell medicinal cures as it is for them to sell children.

This has made the city a haven for mercenaries of all sorts, and there’s at least a dozen mercenary companies operating out of the city at any one time, of various dispositions and talents. This also means one can find all manner of criminals for hire, selling their services openly; assassins and master thieves are out on the street, selling their services to the highest bidder, either as protection, or as the means to avoid that protection.

Because of the insanely lax laws, pleasure houses of all sorts run rampant in Laksh. While there certainly are your run of the mill styles seen in most other places, in Laksh there is much, much more. Children, beasts, amputees, binders, the unwilling and more can all be found for the right coin. Rumors have constantly floated around that if you search hard enough you can find a house for the super elite devoted entirely to chimaeras or even weak spirits, but nothing like those have ever been proven to exist. All of these things, plush Laksh’s lax attitudes towards everything else in general have given Laksh its nickname; The City with No Shame.

Majors: Renen  · Jambha  · Laksh
Minors: Atheese  · Bacchil