Realm of the Archon, the Burning Man. It is a dry place, wedged between two massive mountain chains, but enjoying the rivers running through its valley heart connecting it to the lake of the Vuosaar.

The City-States of Ancient Kutanda

Before the First Faloran Empire reached Kutanda, it was a realm of city-states who, despite occassional conflicts, enjoyed a long period of peace and prosperity. The cities of Kutan were known as the great repositories of the knowledge of mankind, excelling in astronomy, geology, mathematics, languages, philosophy and every other art known to man, many of which were arguably invented in Kutan. The bloodiest episode in Kutan's early history was the Scholar War, in which the city-state of Kirin was plundered for its knowledge by the city of Kutanda, so as to enrich its own libraries. In time, most knowledge pooled in the dominant city-state of Kutanda, which gave the region its name.

The Burning Man

When the Faloran Empire grew and prospered, it largely ignored Kutanda, fearing that the Kutandans would torch their libraries if they were invaded. After Bhakhtar submitted to the Empire, however, the Falorans unleashed a secret weapon they had developed to conquer Kutanda. This weapon was the Burning Man.

The Burning Man infiltrated the city of Kutanda, and set fire to its great libraries. Every page burned was knowledge which the Burning Man gained for himself. Coinciding with this assault, the Falorans launched an assault on Kutanda itself. Striding out from the flames of the library, the Burning Man seared the warriors and elites of Kutanda with his power, an event known as the Massacre of the Flames. Thus was Kutanda conquered.

This horrifying event was the single time the Burning Man was ever known to have done battle. It is said that the knowledge of those he burned is ingrained in his mind, an act which horrified the Archon into solitude.

The ruins of the old library are now part of the Burning Man's palace, the Crucible. The Librarians of Kutanda either joined the Burning Man or went underground, forming a centuries-long resistance movement aimed at keeping knowledge from the Burning Man, and smuggling it elsewhere.

Knowledge is a mark of high station in Kutanda. To gain it is to ascend the ranks of society

Holy Dominion of Archanicus
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