One of the things most associated with the Faloran Repubic is its Inquisition.

But there was not always a Inquisition, in the early days after the war for independence from the Dominion there were only binders. People who had learned the art to bind spirits to their will, in exchange gaining incredible power. 

It was not long when the leaders of the new republic realized how dangerous binding could be, if left unchecked. It was then they decided to create a special court for dealing with this cases, executing the investigation, the trial and justice. 

Binders were soon put under control, either by trial, or by joining this court. Soon, binding itself was outlawed outside of the Inquisition. It was around this time, its responsibilities grew from judging outlaw binders, to search, extirpate and exterminate any trace of spirit worship generally associated with subversion.  It was then that its role mutated once again, to judge and extirpate was not enough. They needed to control, to produce knowledge, to explain why spirit worship was wrong. And so they formed schools, universities. And when they proved efficient in doing so, the powers of the republic decided the Inquisition was also their best bet against any kind subversion. Granting them temporally with the government towns and even provinces. A temporality which soon was forgotten. 

Before people realized the Inquisition turned into a power of its own, almost independent from the republic itself, but existing within it faithfully serving and maintain it. But for how long? 

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