The Holy City began as an outpost of the first Faloran Imperium, situated on the far western border. With the arrival of spirits, a relationship developed between Faloran government and the new arrivals. Spirits were allowed to help in the extension of the Imperium and integration of new peoples via magic. To this end, the emperor gave the spirits this outpost as a place to call their own.

With the death of the last emperor, the fall of the Imperium and the rise of the Holy Dominion of Archanicus, the capital was moved to this outpost from Varantium after a civil war. This place became the Holy City, and many peoples flocked to it to enjoy the high living standards and opportunities that were offered there, helping to administer and run the Dominion. The new capital turned into a rapidly expanding city which soon became a metropolis, relying on the surrounding countryside for sustenance.

Some say that the Archons allowed the Holy City to grow to such proportions so that there would be as many humans as possible to spark with and gain influence over, though the truth is not known.

Either way, the Holy City had to continuously gobble up new land to keep itself sustainable. Eventually, regions close to the heart of the City became too complicated to supply with food and resources, and inner city slums became tremendous problems for peace-keeping.

As the people of the Holy City travelled outwards, they left behind wasteland. Eventually, this cycle repeated until the Holy City became an urban ring, with a desert in its middle. And at the very heart of that desert lies the Sanctum of the Arbiter, who upholds Common Law. Life in the Holy City can be harsh unless one is employed directly by an Archon, and the City is so huge it falls between different spheres of influence of the Archons in other provinces of the Dominion.

Holy Dominion of Archanicus
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