While there is no aspect of healing, healing with magic is still possible.

The most common form is simply a brief charge of spiritual energy to increase the body's natural healing pace. A wound that might have left someone bedridden for eight weeks might heal in just two if they're tended to daily by a healer. This sort of healing does not require a lot of power and could easily be done several times a day even by a scion. It is most effective when combined with basic medical treatment, broken bones will still need splints to heal well and open wounds will need cleaning to prevent infections.

There are two less common forms of healing as well. Burst healing and Aspect-aligned healing.

Burst HealingEdit

A vessel can blast a damaged area with a great charge of spiritual power in an attempt to heal it. It's essentially the same as the increased healing pace except a hundred times faster but a lot more volatile and incredibly inefficient in terms of spiritual power required.

For example, if burst healing was applied to someone with a hole in the chest, it could result in mutations such as an extra heart being formed and the victim dying anyway due to how it messes with the blood flow. Not only that, but the ordeal would probably drain all of the power from even a stronger-than-average vessel.

With a lot of training and knowledge of human anatomy, a vessel could learn to direct the flow somewhat and prevent mutations, but the cost inefficiency would still apply. So burst healing is almost always considered a desperate move.

Aspect-aligned HealingEdit

As stated, there is no aspect of pure healing. However some aspects can, due to similarities or connections, be efficient at specific kinds of healing.

For example, water spirits and the like can restore blood to someone at an adquately efficient rate and so can prevent death from blood loss. The bleeding wound would still have to be healed through more common means, however. Additionally, blood that has been magically restored is simply artificial and carries no magical power. So it cannot be used to power runestones or other similar things.

Other aspect-aligned healing methods may include, but are not limited to: Fire aspect for cauterization, nature aspect for regrowing tissue, poison aspect for detoxing, order aspect for restructuring broken bones, and many many more.

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