Havsgard is the area under the control of the Archon known as The North Wind. The North Wind inhabits a giant oak tree in the northern archipelago, known as Eitrat.

Havsgard is inhabited by two very similar peoples. The Ulvar and the Vuosaar. However, for a very long time, the Ulvar and Vuosaar were hard at war. Their hostility even fended off the original First Faloran Empire and the area was not united in peace until The North Wind planted his seed.
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Havsgard lodges.

The capital of the region sits on the roots of the great tree and is simply known as Eitrat. Recently, Eitrat sent his eldest son to create and inhabit a sapling birch tree in the great lake Vuosaari. This tree is known as Lyhtrat.

Runestones litter the countryside and newly pacted students of the universities are sent on a quest around the region to recharge them. This also serves as good practice for the new vessel's powers and its bond with its spirit. 

Ships are a vital part of both cultures. While the Ulvar prefer great warships to traverse the sea on, the Vuosaar rule the lakes and rivers with their smaller but faster vessels. Havsgardian ships are all adorned and carved with runes signifying the strengthening elements for water and wind spirits. These spirits are invited by vessels to inhabit the ship in order to guide it and bring good winds, in exchange for a sacrifice (usually a lamb). The blood of the sacrifice empowers the spirit when spilled on the runes as it inhabits the ship.

Both cultures also practice berserking. A berserker is completely covered in runes empowering his a certain element and carries weapons adorned with the same. Before a battle, the berserker calls for any spirits of the element he supports and and lets one gain complete control of his body, greatly empowering him but of course making the spirit mortal for the duration. Few spirits consider the risk worth it, but the weaker and more bestial spirits gladly grasp the opportunity to greatly increase their power.

Both the Vuosaar and the Ulvar are an equal people in that men and women can hold the same positions. They're equally likely to become warriors, students or workers. Social status in Havsgard is mainly tied to the number of battles one has participated in as well as the number of children one has raised. The average family dynamic mainly consists of one parent bringing glory to the household in the field of battle while the other pursues academic endavours to provide for the children.

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