The Godslayers were an extensive movement, or cult, based out of the Kingdom of Nalbin in the Dominion. Though their membership was mostly Nalbinian, their network spread across the entirety of the Dominion.

Their origins are unclear due to their secrecy, but in their minds, they are the direct descendants and inheritors of a centuries-gone struggle to shape the future of the Dominion. In the Nalbinian national myth, an Archon known as the Lady integrated them into the Dominion in all of her wisdom, grace and elegance, and her respect and adoration of Nalbinian culture. Dominion politics saw her killed or exiled, and the Godslayers champion what they believe her will to have been - to reform the Dominion.

The weapon of choice of the Godslayers were runic blades, designed to assassinate specific spirits, or to Bind spirits into the blade itself, giving them fiendish power. It is rumoured that one such runic blade was used to kill the Arbiter, using runes stolen from the Burning Man.


To that end, Dynkar orchestrated the death of the Arbiter, plunging the Dominion into chaos in an attempt to see it reborn from the ashes. This led to a massive crackdown by the Archons throughout the Dominion, in which most Godslayer agents were purged. But many escaped, and once the Arbiter was dead, Dynkar turned his attention to Radiance, the most decadent of the Archons, and made an alliance with Black Sun to see him dead.

Dynkar led Pietro Gori and his Inquisitors through Black Sun's tunnels beneath Falor, allowing them to be arrested by a Mockinglord possessed Danton Redwind, who then took them to the Cariapolis. There, in a final confrontation against Radiance and those loyal to him, Dynkar faced off against the Seraph Dawn Lantern, against whom Dynkar had prepared a special Godslayer runeblade. He was struck from the stairs of the Throne by Dawn Lantern, and met his end on the Curia floor below.

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