The Free City is a metropolis on the shores of the northern sea. It was originally a staging ground for both the Ulvar and the Nalbinians to fight each other in earlier times in history. When peace settled over the Halim peninsula under Faloran rule, this outpost became a trade port between the Ulvar and Nalbin. Over time it grew, but because of its location between the two nations, neither side was able to lay authoritative claim over the city.

Though Havsgard considers the Free City to be part of its territory, so does Nalbin say that the city is part of its patrimony. For this reason, the city has been allowed to manage its own affairs, and has become known as the Free City, ruled by a merchant council. It is an infamous city because it is unruly and corrupt, and greater spirits often fight one another trying to turn it into a fief for themselves. As such a hotly contested place, it is dangerous and the rule of law is weakest there out of all places in the Dominion.

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