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The First Faloran Empire was founded in the grand city of Falor, in Varantium, as a response to the discovery that the heathen peoples had mastered magic. A holy council was called in Falor, uniting all of the Great Houses and clergy of the Faloran peoples, who then decided to elect an Emperor with the help and wisdom of Radiance. The Palaienid dynasty was chosen that day, and all Faloran peoples declared to be subjects of this new Empire. United at last, the Faloran peoples conquered the other civilizations surrounding them and formalized their control over the known world.

Eventually, the Palaienid saw that they were losing power to the spirits, and the last Emperor tried to strike down Radiance during the Eclipse - but he acted a few days too early for the Eclipse, and was killed in the Cariapolis. The Dominion was founded and the Empire came to an end.

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