Eitrat is a great oak tree in the archipelago in northern Havsgard. It hosts The North Wind.

Occasionally Eitrat grows a fruit known as Eiterfrugt. A piece of an Eiterfrugt is granted to initiates upon their elevation into the clergy.

A city is built across the roots of Eitrat, it is the capital of Havsgard and shares the tree's name.

All Havsgardians must journey to Eitrat at least once in their lives. This is easily done by the Ulvar who live on the isles and shore nearby. But the Vuosaar who live further away don't only have to make a longer journey but their river barges fare ill on the sea and thus makes the whole ordeal more difficult and dangerous.

Recently, a sapling of Eitrat was planted in lake Vuosaari to placate a growing unrest. Its growth and wellbeing is being overseen by Vuosaar vessels from the nearby university. This sapling has quickly grown into a great birch tree and is known as Lyhtrat.

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