Eiterfrugt grows off the branches of Eitrat. It grows quickly over the course of three days and once ripe slowly descends. A chosen few devout followers of The North Wind, known as Eitervakt keep a close watch on any fruit that might grow and are quick to collect, store and protect it once it falls. The fruit is forever ripe and never rots. Anyone who eats even just a piece of the fruit is given a spark from The North Wind. The more one eats of the fruit, the more of The North Wind's power one gains.

Many who seek power try to steal the fruits for their own consumption. To make sure the fruits don't get in the wrong hands, an honorguard known as the Eitervakt was established. The Eitervakt are an elite order of followers of The North Wind, they guard the tree and its fruits with their lives.

One notable Eiterfrugt thief was Valvir, a power-hungry youth who stole a hundred fruits. He faced increasingly difficult obstacles on his journey home from Eitrat and instead of thinking how to deal with them cleverly, he ate some fruits instead and used his new powers to force his way through. Once he ate his last and hundredth fruit, he transformed into a horrible monster. He went mad with rage and went on a rampage. A group of Havsgard's finest warriors blessed with the power of The North Wind were required to finally defeat the beast. They locked Valvir down in a prison made out of Eitrat's roots, which he desperately tries to chew through even to this day, but they grow faster than he can bite. The warriors who defeated Valvir became the first Eitervakt and swore to never let the same tragedy happen again.

This story is often told to Havsgardian children to teach them not to steal, be greedy or only try to solve things with force.

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