The Early Ways were the first religions of the man during the Age of Migrations. Spirits had not yet come into the world, and the faiths therefore focused worship on their surroundings, on emotions and on ideals. Shamanistic at times, philosophical at others, the Early Ways preached Balance above all things, and that man had a place in the world that he had to respect and comprehend, whether as a nomad, merchant or warrior.

Over time, the Early Ways adapted according to the new environments and evolving cultures of the migrants. In Samar, the Early Ways took on the form of the Tradition of the Steppes, while in the far east arose the Rites of the Pillars. The Early Ways endured in some many areas up until and sometimes beyond Faloran annexation into the First Faloran Empire. It was only by the time of the dawn of the Holy Dominion of Archanicus that the Early Ways could be said to have been completely forgotten; at least in civilized lands.

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