Dynkar was the leader of the Godslayers in the year 2485, an order of knights and heretics dedicated to the Lady. The Lady was an Archon who supposedly befriended Nalbin, but was killed or exiled during or after a civil war in the Dominion.

By the year 2485, the Dynkar had brought the Godslayers back to prominence after some daring exploits, including an assault on Myrnium in which the Old Man of the Wood was killed. He also led an incursion into Kutanda where he was able to steal knowledge of an ancient and powerful weapon from the Burning Man.

This weapon was later used to kill the Arbiter in early 2485. 

After the Arbiter's death, Dynkar plotted to kill Radiance, allying with Black Sun and Pietro Gori during the Eclipse. Wielding a runic blade designed to kill the Seraph Dawn Lantern, Dynkar fought in the Cariapolis, but was struck down by Dawn Lantern himself.

The abysswalker by dawnweaver13-d65cchh

"We want to burn away the sickness that grips the Dominion..." the man said, as the agents behind him set the tapestries in the room on fire around them. "We want Justice."

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