Danton Redwind was an idealistic member of the Wardens who dedicated himself to hunting down the agents of the Mockinglord and the Godslayers after their attack on Kutanda. Danton chased their agents all the way to Senusa, where it was revealed that the Mockinglord and Godslayers were in league with the Inquisition of the Faloran Republic.

For a brief time, Danton wielded a Godslayer blade he named Oathkeeper, for the oath he made to its trapped spirit that he would free it. The blade was the possession of Bertom Allsworth. Lucrezia Dreyal managed to obtain the sword from Danton, essentially in exchange for safe passage out of Senusa, and she eventually returned the sword to Allsworth. Danton returned to the Sanctum, to spend the rest of his time there devoid of the Arbiter's Spark because of his blasphemous improvisations to survive while in Senusa.

This lack of a Spark was what allowed Danton to survive the assassination of the Arbiter, making him the Last 

Warden. He rallied the recruits in the Sanctum and attempted to reforge the Warden order, as he attempted to restore peace to the Holy City, which had erupted into chaos without the Wardens. He did so wearing the Arbiter's armour. Danton was forced to make a deal with the Mockinglord to contain the damage he was doing.


Thereafter, Danton eventually made his way to Varantium to obtain the patronage of Radiance in restoring the Wardens, and helped defend Falor against the Faloran Republic. This allowed the Mockinglord to get close to Radiance, and complete a part the Mockinglord was playing in a bargain with High Inquisitor Pietro Gori. Gori had obtained the runes to Bind Radiance - probably the very information which Danton had chased to Senusa and lost track of.

The Mockinglord, so close to its objective, broke free and took control of Danton's body.

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