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Recorded here are the names of brothers and sisters amongst the Arbiter's Wardens who fell in the line of duty while working alongside Danton Redwind.

  • Warden Olus, who hailed from Varantium. A friend of Elger. A thinker and a drinker, good with the sword, better with the bow. His parents were proud of him, despite his bad sense of humour. He died when a Librarian shot an arrow into his neck during the Kutanda mission, when Dan attacked a safehouse.
  • Warden Tahori, who hailed from Dominion-controlled Samar. Many Samari who learned about the Wardens and Common Law realised that the Silhouette of Stars was not representative of the rest of the Dominion, and that his atrocities were not sanctioned under Common Law. Because of this, many Samari decided they would rather try to change the Dominion from the inside rather than resort to terrorism, and thus many Samari joined the Wardens. Tahori was one such woman, but she lost her life serving under Attendant Idun during the Kutanda mission when freeing Paladin Bearnaud.
  • Warden Dara, from Chakazia, was a young soldier serving under Idun during the Kutanda mission. He sacrificed himself to save Paladin Bearnaud from a flurry of blades.