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After the disappearance of the Lady, her greatest son took her place as the spiritual heart of Nalbin. Regardless of this assumption, Crownmaker refused to take on the responsibilities of an Archon, claiming that Lady's role in Nalbinian society was irreplacable. Instead, he rallied the remaining native memory spirits of Nalbin and bid them to guide its people. Crownmaker then slipped into a dark and unending depression, reflecting the sense of loss the Nalbinians felt for their beliefs and their ancestors.

Ever since, Crownmaker has wandered in seclusion, searching Nalbin for signs of the Lady. He only returns to the capital when a new King must be crowned, and the crowning is done with a gift of a new crown, made from his horns.

There are legends that he guides lost children back home, but he vanishes before he can be sighted by the parents.