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The Craftfather - known also as the Stonemason - is one of the great Archons of the Dominion. His domain is Otticia.

According to legend, when the Falorans conquered Yed Shama, the site of the future Holy City, they uncovered a trove of relics which defied their faith and doctrine. While there were those who wished them destroyed, there were many who argued that these creations of great beauty should be marvelled at - but never used.

In the end, their safekeeping was entrusted to a spirit who would then become the Craftfather. Once Otticia had fallen, the Craftfather was assigned to administer it. He set about reshaping Ottician society into a work of art unto itself, becoming a paragon of music, creativity and awe. 

While the Craftfather's primary concerns are artistic in nature, he has been able to use his designs to assist the First Faloran Empire and the Dominion after it in fantastical ways. His most famous inventions are the Golems.

During any open conflict in the Empire or Dominion, the Craftfather has always found himself at odds with the Burning Man, Ashthinker. While Ashthinker believes that knowledge is dangerous and must be safeguarded, the Craftfather has no such qualms when knowledge can be used to create beauty or to inspire.

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