Shatterbridge Wiki

The Common Law of the Dominion was instituted during a massive Faloran uprising against the reign of the Archons many years after the death of the last Palaienid Emperor. It was the Arbiter who stepped up to band together the dissident factions feasting upon the First Faloran Empire's carcass and unite them into a real Dominion - rather than the single-rule of Radiance.

It is the Arbiter who managed the even balance of powers in the Dominion, keeping peace between the Archons. It is Common Law which mandated the proper way for man and spirit to interact. Common Law also gave humans certain rights, to protect them against misrule and ill intent by spirits.

Altogether, Common Law:

  • Outlawed slavery, whether of man or of spirit
  • Affirmed the prohibition of the possession of a human body as a vessel by any spirit
  • Established the right to a fair and impartial trial in every corner of the Dominion.
  • Defined what interactions between man and spirit are legal - in terms of possible pacts and more.
  • All peoples of the Dominion are equal, ending the ancient rights of the Falorans as elites.