The Common Law of the Holy Dominion of Archanicus is the law upheld by the Arbiter that applies to every inch of Dominion soil. While the Dominion is divided into spheres of influence of different Archons, the Common Law applies to all, and is the basis that keeps the Dominion as one federal nation. It is enforced by the Arbiter and his police-force, whose authority extends across the Dominion.

Common Law includes rules such as:

  • Binding and devouring are illegal and punishable by death.
  • Basic human rights and equality amongst humans before the law. Thus, while human nobles may have certain privileges, they will answer to the same judge if they break Common Law, which guarantees personal safety and property rights.
  • Spirits must respect human rights. They are unable to harm humans or deceive them when it comes to pacts and sparkings. However, enforcement of this rule is extremely difficult, and only major violations are followed up by the Arbiter's agents, for practical reasons.
  • Slavery is officially illegal, but local instances of it may crop up and escape the Arbiter's official notice.
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