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Chakazia is one of the most prosperous regions in the Dominion. In its beginning, the lands of Chakazia were home to some of the most civilized and advanced kingdoms in the world. By the time of the Faloran invasion of the peninsula, Chakazia was already beginning to experiment with magic. Once the Faloran invaders reached Chakazia, they found that it had banded together under a loose federation of princely states, run by a council of nobles and boasting some of the most beautiful and graceful knights and soldiers encountered to date.

The coloured banners of Chakazia blew in the strong northern winds as Chakazian knights drove the Falorans back time and time again, across generations. If the Falorans identified one weakness in their enemy, it was their mercy. Chakazians fought with a rigid warrior code to guide them, rarely taking advantage of dishonourable situations unless in the most dire of circumstances. They also tended to take prisoners and expect them to oblige by Chakazian codes and rites, in which they would work for the Chakazian state in exchange for freedom. This only led to many prisoners simply escaping back to the First Faloran Empire, forcing Chakazia to adapt its ways.


Painbinder's Tower

Eventually, Chakazia fell, and so did its ally, Havsgard. The nobles lost much of their power, replaced by Faloran Magistrates and governors. The Archon which came to dominate Chakazian life thereafter was Painbinder, a spider of purest white who would embody all of the codes of honour and mercy of her Chakazian worshippers. Legend states that she was a loyal Chakazian spirit until captured, tortured and forced to serve against her own people.

In the ages which followed, Chakazia remained one of the most advanced and prosperous regions. Continuous public works projects and a general fight against poverty created a high standard of living in the realm, possibly one of the Dominion's highest at most points in its history. The healers of Chakazia are renowned as the best in the world, due to Painbinder's teachings.

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