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Faloran RepublicEdit

Malvernian EmpireEdit

  • Valoria Santica, head of a ring of Malvernian boxers
  • Corinne, leader of a slaver company that ranges to Arish
  • Anthon, Corinne's business partner
  • Aldac, a thief sold into slavery on Corinne's company
  • Lyala, a woman who survived a Zumai raid near Eukos
  • Lady Telete, a noblewoman
  • Agos, a servant of Telete
  • Denios Troklos
  • Lady Ianessa, a noblewoman with a reputation of murdering husbands

Holy CityEdit

  • Danton Redwind, a boy from the Holy City who trained to become a Warden
  • Mzekhar, the Justiciar of the Wardens
  • Idun, an Attendant by the time of the Kutanda mission
  • Paladin Bearnaud from Otticia
  • Custodian Volio
  • Warden Shamalan, from Kutanda
  • Warden Elger, whose parents hailed from Bhakhtar
  • Warden Ragnvald, a fellow from Havsgard

See also Danton's list of the fallen




  • Goka Khaan, Librarian
  • Adjumot, majordomo of the Burning Man
  • Librarian Anan, the contact for the Wardens
  • Librarian Shari, a red-headed green-eyed bitch
  • Suuhuu, an old man from the Poor District


  • Vidar Ragnarson, whose life was great once
  • Tilga, Vidar's mum, a great warrior
  • Ragnar, Vidar's father, a wealthy merchant
  • Harald, Vidar's older brother
  • Tekla, Vidar's younger sister
  • Ivar, Vidar's younger brother
  • Miira Lovå, student at the Stilgard university
  • Master Kario, a scholar who wasted his life trying to rediscover spirit knives
  • Idmundr the Fire-Haired, a berserker and Eitervakt guardsman who lost his powers



  • Hartwin, a member of Max Cain's band


  • Navarch Shakpash, who led a fleet against Senusa






Tenkou CourtsEdit

  • Naomi, a girl rescued by Max Cain


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