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These are the characters featured in the story of Piero dala Vachio. They are considered part of the Eclipse canon.


Faloran RepublicEdit

  • Senator Dorman Hector, related to the war-hero Veronica Hector
  • Armant Freic, called Gustavius Tremeier Victurio III by the monarchists, heir of the First Empire
  • Marco, friend of Piero dala Vachio
  • Senator del Sera
  • Vicenzo Mazzei, a wealthy man and crime lord of Sabria


Malvernian EmpireEdit

  • Corinne, leader of a slaver company that ranges to Arish
  • Arite, a courier in Corinne's employ
  • Mina, Arite's bodyguard
  • Lyala, a woman who survived a Zumai raid near Eukos

  • Lady Telete, a noblewoman involved in a conspiracy
  • Sunmer, Telete's familiar spirit
  • Agos, a servant of Telete
  • Angilas, supervisor of the copyroom
  • Nahid, a slave from Sali
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