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The Dominion[]


The Cariapolis[]

Radiance, the Archon of Varantium

Black Sun, daughter and Seraph of Radiance

Dawn Lantern, son and Seraph of Radiance

Lightdancer, son and Seraph of Radiance

Manlia Suren Issander, High Palatine

Kanrel Valtorian, Grandmaster of the Archonic Knights



Wintersky, spirit lieutenant of Dawn Lantern

Dusklight, spirit lieutenant of Dawn Lantern

Precious Glimmer, spirit lieutenant of Black Sun

Darien Vistis, friend and right hand of Manlia

Jalace, Commander of Aegis, bastard son of Tilan Jahimis

Tramene Dakani, Kanrel's second in command

Attia Handar, of the Spear of Radiance

Folgar Halfborn, of Manlia Suren's elite guard


House Sistorian[]

Twin Star, Family Spirit

Kansar Sistorian, Prince and Heir

Vandar Sistorian, Patriarch

Torval Sistorian, brother of Vandar

Dervin Sistorian, son of Torval

Tycorro Tassar, ennobled for service

Kavad Kastorian, cadet branch heir

Servina Eterian, leader of the Siege of Sistorian eagles, rider of Greatwind

Adavin Eterian, son of Servina, rider of Whitefeather

Taramin Sistorian, rider of Wintercloud

Erat, rider of Fairsky

Darael, rider of Highnest

Damesco Truseva, brother-in-law of Kansar

Helian Cytri, vassal of Sistorian


House Jahimis[]

Stormlight, Family Spirit

Maurielle Jahimis, Princess

Tilan Jahimis, Patriarch


House Suren[]

Summit, Family Spirit

Adela Suren, daughter of Manlia

Nadi Vistis, wife of Manlia

Seda Suren, sister of Manlia



Galav Nusidio Victrufa, the last High Palatine

Cas Nusidio Galav, son of Victrufa

Gideon, Prophet of the Fanatics

Albor, Successor of Gideon

Juluc Smilebiter, of the Sappur Guard

Adjumot, Majordomo of the Burning Man

Danton Redwind, the Last Warden

Amdarad Kata, Patriarch of House Kata

Alexis Kata, Heiress of House Kata

Keykeeper, Family Spirit of Kata

Harvest, Family Spirit of House Nusidio

Nicholas Fervine, Majordomo of Lucrezia and the Bank of Dreyal



The Republic[]



Pietro Gori, High Inquisitor

Avus Gula, First Citizen

Jack Timbale, Lord Admiral


High Command[]

Taniel Corso, in charge of artillery

Renal Sistorian, known as 'Garrek', leader of the Atoners

Otakar, General, Minister of War and Defence


Tomas de Campo, Gori's second in the Inquisition

Jan Haunheim, Major General

Rolf Haunheim, Brigadier General

Jellard, Lieutenant, right hand of Garrek

Oshett, Captain, left hand of Garrek

Kasper, Marine Captain

Constantin Noval, Commander of First Citizen's Bodyguard

Ramon Caltabell, Aide to First Citizen

Dureheim, Captain in the Foreign Guard

Jacopo de Campati, Colonel of the 4th Pike Regiment

Lorenzo di Allegari, of the First Foreign Guard