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Bhakhtar is the westernmost province of the Dominion. It is the realm of the Archon the Silhouette of Stars. It is a dry but fertile region, home to a large proportion of the Dominion's population. In ancient times, Bhakhtar was the first non-Faloran region which the migrating Falorans faced which opposed them with magic and spirits. This non-Faloran spirit use was seen as utter blasphemy, and it was effective in keeping the Falorans at bay.

This led to the Falorans calling a holy summit in Falor, which led to the election of the first Palaienid Emperor and the establishment of the First Faloran Empire, which united the Falorans of the world under a single monarch. Against a united Falor, the people of Bhakhtar were driven back. Their greatest spirit was the Silhouette, a spirit of resistance and hope - until he betrayed his own people to the Emperor and to Radiance. Ever since, the Silhouette has ruled Bhakhtar with an iron fist.

Bhakhtar currently holds most of the land belonging to the former Sovereignty of Samar, and uses it as more farmland, with the families that had been farming them forced to do so with quotas now. Cities are still fiercely fought over with Samari resistance still strong after the execution of their Archon, and it doesn’t look to be waning soon.

Bhakhtar lies at the end of the peninsula, the bottleneck known to most as the Mouth.

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