The Archons of the Empire of Malvern are a triumvirate.


When news of the last Palaienid Emperor's death – and the establishment of the Dominion – reached the city of Malvern, riots were averted by the immediate dissemination of a declaration of defiance from the city council. Pale Fire, at the time one of the two prominent Archons of Malvern, objected and urged compliance. The Hunter, loyal to the Palaienid, had Pale Fire destroyed. The Voice served an essential role in hunting down individual Radiance-loyalists, earning it the favor of the Imperial family and beginning its ascendancy to Archon status.

The Scribe was the last Archon to join the Empire of Malvern. Originally based within the Imperial Academy near Falor, the Scribe and its followers fled to Malvern when it became evident that the malaise of Radiance was fostering stagnancy within the intellectual community of the Dominion. The anti-spirit sentiment of the Republic was similarly antithetical to their intellectual goals. A child of Radiance, the Scribe has become considered an Archon in the Empire despite its progenitor’s continued existence.

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