Pyromancer by nahelus-d6yjj15
First and foremost, Adjumot is the Majordomo of Wisefire - known to many as the Burning Man. This responsibility is the highest possible within the Crucible of Kutanda. Adjumot is the human voice and embodiment of the will of his Archon. Like all Majordomos before him, he was chosen for his talents and style of being from all those accessible to Wisefire - not only Kutandans.

To this end, Adjumot was born and raised in the Holy City, becoming a community leader and respected scholar before Wisefire's agents approached him with an offer for training. It was then that Adjumot distinguished himself and rose in the ranks to stand at Wisefire's right.

As Majordomo, Adjumot was present when Masha raided the Crucible with the Godslayers as her allies, stealing the forbidden lore which would then be used to kill the Arbiter and also to arm the Inquisition of the Faloran Republic with the runes to attempt to Bind Radiance.

It was during this raid that Adjumot met Danton Redwind of the Wardens. They travelled together to Senusa to try catch the thieves, but failed.

Adjumot was revealed as lord of the Chainbreakers during the Eclipse, when Wisefire sent him to Falor to save Radiance from the Triumvirate crusade. Adjumot managed to cripple the Republican army at a critical moment, allowing the cavalry of House Sistorian to strike it in the back.

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